Young Wild Hunters

My relationship with my friends from Young Wild Hunters Ignacio and Gonzalo has been coming for almost 2 years, social media brought us together and since then, thanks to a common passion, we have made a great friendship that every day goes to more.

At YWH and Bigthophy we try to show the world of hunting a vision based on respect, conservation and enjoyment of the countryside. That’s why also two years ago, my YWH friends brought to market a totally revolutionary product, the Wildscreen..

Wildscreens are the revolution in the world of hunting, combining tradition and innovation in one product by joining a hunting stand with an HD screen, so that we can remember those special and unique moments that hunters experience in our hunting days.

The wide variety of models and types of trophies allow to adapt to the taste and preference of each hunter can even customize their own Wildscreen.

In my personal case, I have to say, that I am the first person to have a Wildscreen around the world, the illusion of being able to see again and again the incredible moment that was to hunt my first rebeco next to a unique trophy is priceless. That’s why I decided to remember also my first animal from Africa by making me a Wildscreen of my Black Gnu.