Roe deer stalking in Spain is one of our specialties. Increasingly widespread in our country, it is an animal of great beauty and difficulty, which together with the comfort and spectacularity of the time in which it is practiced and its unique trophy, has become one of the favorite species for domestic and foreign hunters.

We carry out roe deer stalking adapted to the demands and tastes of the hunter, customizing the hunt to fit what you are looking for. Areas of sowing interspersed with bush that guarantee an unforgettable hunt.

Our hunting areas

We have a large number of hunting grounds in Burgos, Palencia and Valladolid managed and cared for by us.

Hunting season

From April 1 to the first Sunday in August, and from September 1 to the second Sunday in October.

Roe deer stalking

Stalking hunting days adapted to the hunter. Large number of entries and sets to trophy and representative roe deer.

Roe deer seals

We have a large number of roe deer seals and hunting grounds in the best hunting areas of Burgos, Palencia and Valladolid. Land managed and cared for by us for years. Thanks to this selection work, we obtain every season a great quantity and quality of roe deer trophies.

Trophy roe deer

Measurable and representative roe deer controlled by our local guides who guarantee the success of each day with a large number of sets and entries to animals.

Each season we shoot trophy and medal roe deer, the result of the selection of animals for years in the best areas of Castilla y León for hunting.

Roe deer with wig

In 2022 we were lucky enough to shoot a spectacular roe deer with a wig in one of our hunting grounds. A dream come true that one of our clients will never forget. 

We feel really fortunate to have been part of the hunt of such a trophy. A gift of nature that we were monitoring for many days and that finally destiny wanted us to get it.