Specialists in deer stalking in Spain, we have trophy and representative animals in open and enclosed areas in the best areas of Palencia, Zamora, León and Asturias. 

Hunting deer during the rut is one of the wildest and purest experiences that a hunter can experience in our country. Trophy animals above 180 points and representative that will provide us with a pure, wild and unforgettable hunt in the high mountains.

We guarantee a magnificent hunting experience with guaranteed kill. 

High mountain

We have deer stalking in the high mountains. A hunt of extreme beauty and trophy animals.

Hunting season

We recommend hunting during the rutting season in September and October. Although we do stalking from September to February.


Seriousness and commitment are our values at Bigtrophy. We ensure a close, pure and professional hunting.

Deer hunting in rutting season

It is during the rutting season when we shoot the best trophies. This is the time when the big bucks can be seen together with the females and medal specimens of over 180 points can be obtained.

This rutting season usually takes place between September 15th and the end of October, being its maximum moment subject to the weather.

Bellows, races, fights and many animals seen make hunting during this season an unforgettable experience for any hunter.

We will guide you in choosing the best areas and days to hunt in each season, ensuring the possibility of killing the animal.