The chamois stalking in Spain is for many the queen modality of the high mountain. In Bigtrophy we have become true specialists in this modality, offering our clients an exclusive number of hunting licenses for Pyrenean and Cantabrian chamois.

With the help of local gamekeepers and guides we have seals in areas of great quality and quantity of animals, guaranteeing a great day of hunting after the king of the summits.

Trophy chamois licenses, representative and females with which to experience a hard, demanding hunt, with long distance shooting but whose beauty and management by us will make it unforgettable.

Chamois license

The supply of chamois is very limited in Spain. We have an exclusive number of licenses.

High mountain hunting

An authentic and demanding hunt that requires a good physical condition. Shooting over 200 meters.

Hunting season

From April 1 to the first Sunday in August, and from September 1 to the second Sunday in October.

rececho rebeco cantabrico

Pyrenean chamois

The Pyrenees are known worldwide for the beauty and hardness of their hunting. In them we can shoot the Pyrenean chamois, the largest body size and trophy in Spain. 

Chamois hunting in Catalonia and Aragon in privileged areas with local gamekeepers and guides who know the animals’ preferences. 

rebeco cantábrico

Cantabrian chamois

The Cantabrian Mountain Range offers smaller chamois but whose hunting equals or surpasses the Pyrenean chamois. 

Our hunting areas are distributed in Asturias and León. We offer licenses in hunting grounds with high quality and density of animals.

rececho rebeco hembra

Female chamois hunting

Hunting chamois females is as demanding and hard as hunting males. Offering the hunter an extraordinary opportunity to get to know this type of high mountain hunting at a more economical price.

We have permits for female chamois stalking in the Pyrenees and Cantabrian Mountains.