Mouflon stalking is an increasingly demanded hunting in Spain. We have obtained a series of farms that thanks to a selection and care for years have achieved a quality of trophies of exceptional.

Hunting days in which we will see a large number of animals, while we practice a physically affordable hunting at a very economical price.

We have licenses for trophy mouflon, representative and selective in a large number of areas of Spain.

Mouflon trophies

Gold medal mouflon licenses with a great guarantee of slaughter. Exceptional thicknesses and curvatures.

Stalking hunting

Stalking hunting days where we adapt to the capabilities of each hunter, choosing farms and land.


Seriousness and commitment are our values at Bigtrophy. We ensure a close, pure and professional hunting.

Mouflon stalking

Mouflon stalking is much more difficult than many hunters imagine. Its great sight and distrust, together with its small size, make taking a mouflon trophy an unforgettable experience for the hunter who tries it.

Each season we shoot a certain number of exceptional animals, whose trophy in terms of size and curvature are the dream of any hunter.

We will hunt in farms whose care and selection over the years have achieved an exceptional quality and quantity of animals.