We have farms and hunting grounds for wild boar stalking with an excellent density and quality of animals. We offer a guarantee of slaughter thanks to the care and control of feeding grounds, crops and animal passages by the gamekeepers.

Land respected only for this modality, with little hunter load, cared for throughout the year and controlled on a daily basis. 

The time has come to get the dreamed wild boar, with us you will get it.

Hunting season

We enjoy waiting permits during most of the year. In general season and for damage to crops.

Hunting stations

Our waiting posts are in feedlots and crops where previous nights have been controlled.


Seriousness and commitment are our values at Bigtrophy. We ensure a professional hunt with a guaranteed kill.

Wild Boar Hunting

For many hunters, waiting for the wild boar is one of the most exciting hunting modalities in Spain. 

Its silence, the mystery and the emotion behind each animal is something unforgettable. 

We offer a guarantee of a kill every night and a high percentage of getting the dreamed of boar that every hunter longs to achieve in his life.

Very well cared and respected grounds with the objective of offering high quality and high density wild boar hunting.