Increasingly valued by hunters, the hunting of barbarian sheep has become one of our specialties in recent years. 

Thanks to our experience and contacts we offer licenses for both trophy males and females in areas of high density and quality, managed by great professionals for years in the best areas of Murcia and Alicante.

A day of hunting with stalking of great hardness that provide the hunter a magnificent experience in high mountain being in love with this corpulent animal of great endurance in front of the shots.

Our hunting areas

We have licenses in privileged areas of Alicante and Murcia, bordering Sierra Espuña.

Hunting season

Although the season is very long, the best time for the male barbarian sheep is November and December during the rut.

Great trophies

We have many males over 65 cms and females over 40 cms that can be homologated.

Barbarian sheep stalking

Barbarian Sheep gold medal

We hunt in areas that have been taken care of for years, where an adequate selection and pressure is carried out, which gives as a reward excellent trophy trophies of barbarian sheep fowl over 60 and 65 centimeters. 

Each season we offer permits for gold, silver and bronze trophies with guaranteed kill. 

Accompanied by local guides we will select animals that fit the hunter’s requirements, getting your trophy.

We recommend to do it in the rutting season between November and December. This is the time when the best males can be seen together with the females and it is easier to locate them.

Female barbarian sheep stalking

The female of the barbarian sheep is a trophy that can be homologated. Hunting in the same areas and preferences as the males, this type of permit offers an excellent opportunity for the hunter to discover this game at a very reasonable price.

Economic and very exciting stalking with which to enjoy a demanding high mountain hunt and an animal of great beauty and resistance.