The stalking of spanish ibex is a unique hunt in Spain. A species that will offer us hard and unforgettable days in environments of great beauty such as Gredos, Beceite, Sierra Nevada and Ronda.

We have a large number of hunting licenses in privates lands and National Reserves where you can hunt trophy animals, selective and females with guaranteed harvest. Accompanied by local guides and gamekeepers with great experience and seriousness. 

The spanish ibex stalking is undoubtedly one of the most demanding and hardest hunts in the high mountains, which will make us enjoy a large number of casts and entries to animals. That is why it has become one of the most demanded hunting species in our country by both national and international hunters.

Our hunting areas

The best areas in Spain to hunt the 4 subspecies with great quality and quantity of animals.

Hunting season

We hunt during most of the year, but it is during the rut when we shoot the best specimens.

Male stalking

Stalking hunting days adapted to the hunter. Choosing each preserve and area according to physical conditions.

Types of spanish ibex

There are 4 types of spanish ibex in Spain spread across different mountain ranges. We will help you to get each of them in Grand Slam format or seasonally, traveling through our country, guided by the best hunting guides in the area. Different animals and environments that make this high mountain stalking an unforgettable experience.

rececho cabra montesa


The Gredos spanish ibex stalking is the most representative and valued in Spain. Its lyre-shaped horns make it the most demanded.

macho montes caza


Of extraordinary trophy, the spanish ibex of Beceite has horns in the shape of an airplane with a great opening and spectacularity. Only 3 hours from Madrid.

Sierra Nevada

With large horns in the shape of a backward curved horn. A tough hunt in rough terrain that will make this buck stalking a unique experience.

macho montes selectivo


Subspecies of spanish ibex found in southern Spain in small populations. It has a unique trophy that is flatter and smaller than other animals.

Hunting stalking


Due to the good management and areas where we hunt we offer permits for gold, silver and bronze trophies of ibex with guaranteed kill. 

We will select animals that meet the hunter’s requirements in terms of score and type of horn, achieving your objective.

We recommend to do it in the rutting season between November and December. This is the time when the best males can be seen together with the females and it is easier to locate them.

We have the male you dream of!

Affordable hunts

Selective and representative male / Female spanish ibex stalking

At Bigtrophy we think that spanish ibex should be an experience that every hunter should know. That is why we offer you every season a large number of hunting licenses for representative, selective bucks and mountain goat females.

Economic stalking with which you can enjoy a great experience in the high mountains with a guaranteed kill.