Hunting in ROMANIA

Romania is a destination in high demand by hunters from all over the world for the variety of species you can find within this country and its different hunting modalities.

Some of its species are the deer, the deer, the roe deer, the brown bear and the famous wild boar hunts.

It’s an experience to share with groups of friends, such as in boar whipping or after deer. It is also a country that attracts many lovers of solo hunting, who seek to crown the great mountains of the Carpathians after a Romanian chamois or after the large grizzly bear.

Depending on the number of people interested in the trip, we can arrange special packages for boar beatings or roe deer hunting. Hunting with friends always tastes better.

Romania, without a doubt, is a country that will not leave you indifferent. Hunt with us and you will have the opportunity to know our exclusive hunting areas, always with the best organization and seriousness.

join us in this exciting adventure

Some of the animals you may hunt in Romania

Travel with us and you can be the protagonist of these photographs. Hunts for wild boars, roe deer or the big grizzly bear are just some of the experiences you can make in Romania.