Hunting in ARGENTINA

Argentina is without a doubt one of the best hunting destinations in the world. Having approximately 6 times the territorial extension of Spain and almost with the same population demographic, we can get an idea of the uninhabited places, occupied by the large pampas, the great bathed, the huge cultivated area and the infinite grasslands that give a very special framework to all its territory.

Divided into 23 provinces each has something to offer. The center and northwest are characterized by the runs of lovebirds and torcaces. The east, known as the coast or the Mesopotamia Argentina, has as its protagonist the Paraná river that flows into the Rio de La Plata, making the entire Argentine coast an area of bathing and rice paddies where fishing and aquatic predominates.

It is the only country where you can say that the hunting of the feather becomes excessive, and where you will have to self-control if you do not want to break your shoulder.

The Argentine South begins with the provinces of San Luis and La Pampa, where at the beginning of the 20th century the red deer from Europe was introduced, extending to Patagonia, the southernmost part of the country. There they found a favorable habitat reproducing strongly and generating a huge porte. It’s like they’ve reached the promised land. Then other exotic species such as wild boar, deer axis, deer lady, antelopes, etc…

An example of this is the Peach estate in the province of San Luis on the border with the Pampa. This farm has no less than 65,000 has in open.

Endless plains, dunes, lagoons, Caldén forests are part of the landscape where an estimated population of 5,000 deer, 8,000 antelopes, 2,000 buffaloes live, etc…

Who could resist a combined program, where after two days of lovebirds, he would go to the rifle doing deer and antelope recesses, horseback riding looking for buffaloes and at night waiting for the boars?

Who could resist an estate like La Peregrina, in Santiago del Estero, where you can combine the 4 feather species in the same area?

For all this, for the good service, for the kindness of the country people, the professionalism of the guides, for the gastronomy it offers us, where the good roasts and good wine will never be lacking, and for the spectacular rooms where the hunters stay, we can define Argentina as a true paradise.

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