Hunting in TURKEY

Turkey is a very attractive hunting place for many hunters around the world for two iconic species: the Ibex Bezoar and the great Turkish wild boars..

In this destination we can also enjoy hunts of chamois, Anatolia roe deer or deer, experiences that you will definitely not forget.


If you are a lover of wild boars and large tusks, this is the right country, as it is the most common and abundant species of game in the country. Here we can meet some of the largest pigs in the world, weighing up to 250 kg and with knives that measure more than 25 cm.

The hunts of these animals can be carried out in different ways to the taste of the hunter: in beatings with small groups, in recess or in night waits.

When traveling to Turkey for hunting this animal, there are quite a few guarantees, since a third of the country’s density is forests, which helps to have a large number of this species.


This species of Ibex is one of the most demanded trophies for lovers of mountain hunting, not only for its exclusivity, but also because we have some of the best hunting areas in all of Turkey where we take down specimens of more than a meter in length.

This type of hunting requires the hunter to have a good physical preparation, because the mountains of Antalya are not easy terrain and the hunts are carried out a height of between 1,500 and 3,000 meters.

Thanks to our experience and our field teams, indigenous and knowledgeable in the area, we have guarantees in all the recesses of the different species that we have in Turkey.

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Some of the animals you may hunt in Turkey

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