Spanish Ibex hunting is one of the most beautiful and authentic experiences in Spain. This emblematic species is exclusive to our country, and arouses the interest of high mountain-loving hunters, both inside and outside Spain.

With us you will be able to have the four subspecies, in areas such as la Sierra de Gredos, Sierra Nevada, Serranía de Ronda, Puertos de Tortosa-Beceite.

Depending on the needs of the hunter, we would carry out the hunting of male ibex in one area or another, since the different species are hundreds of kilometers from each other.

The best time to hunt a male ibex is in heat, which begins in mid-November and lasts about a month. At this time the large solitary specimens begin to join with the groups of females, so the guarantees of abate for the hunting of the male montés at these dates are total.

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