Hunting ibex in Kyrgyzstan is a dream for the high mountain hunter. Demanding mountains but of great beauty where we will hunt above 3,000 meters of altitude.

We have hunting areas managed directly by our outfitter in a rigorous manner and in compliance with the authorized quotas, which translates into a high density and quality of ibex and marcopolo trophies. 

Each season we go several times accompanying hunters, checking ourselves the quality of these hunting areas. This makes us offer a very high guarantee of shooting, in addition to getting every season ibex specimens over a meter in length. 

Hunts on horseback for several days accompanied by our guides, sleeping in fully equipped camps. 

Hunting areas

We have privileged hunting areas above 3,000 meters with high quality trophies.


Professional Outfitters with great management and knowledge of the area and knowledge with a high guarantee of abatement.


Fly camps perfectly conditioned in each hunting area avoiding unnecessary displacements.

Ibex hunting in Kyrgyzstan

The Ibex hunt in Kyrgyzstan is a true high mountain hunting experience. 

Several days of hunting on horseback, huge mountains, fly camps, coexistence with the locals… and majestic animals that any hunter dreams of.

Live with BigTrophy this experience and we will make you fulfill your dream of hunting an ibex in Kyrgyzstan.

Hunting in Kyrgyzstan for ibex

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