For every hunter, Africa is a mandatory destination throughout his career.

Come live with us one of the most wonderful experiences of your life. We want to give you the opportunity to enjoy a Safari that you will never forget, where you will contemplate the most wonderful sunsets and where you will observe the most exotic animals on earth. We have at our disposal a series of concessions throughout the continent that allow us to develop a tailored Safari, including several camps in South Africa (Limpopo, Eastern cape and Kimberly) and camps in Tanzania and Namibia.

If you want to enjoy a trip in the spectacular environment that Africa offers, we can make your stay as pleasant as possible, as we have some of the most luxurious and prestigious camp sites available. These camps combine the traditional atmosphere of the African land with modern luxuries that will guarantee the highest comfort levels.  

As for the stalking, we have the best qualified field staff, PH and Trackers, always providing the most professional services to allow for the maximum enjoyment of the experience. We have offers for all the species of the African continent, from any type of antelope, to the largest mammals in the savannah. If what you seek is pure adrenaline, and predators are your passion, don’t hesitate, contact us.

Hunting in Africa is a luxury that thanks to our work and experience we put at your fingertips.

“The only man I envy is the one who has not yet been to Africa, because he has so much to look forward to” Richard Mullin

join us in this exciting adventure

Some of the animals you may hunt in Africa

Travel with us and you can be the protagonist of these photographs. Feel the magic of this continent, and discover its magnificent wildlife.